Missoni at TARGET

Target has the right idea when it comes to all things consumer. With their low prices and trendy products and bright lights and shiny wide isles it’s a one stop for me.

Today Target unveiled the MISSONI at TARGET line – Missoni is a fab designer label which makes expensive awesome things that my budget can’t afford. Sooo when Missoni was coming to TARGET of course I was all about it.

I live in the burbs and didn’t really think there would be a problem with me getting a peek and maybe picking up a few Missoni items. You know …on the cheap!

Target opens at 8am. I met my fab friend and fellow chatty girl @thechatshop – @westchesterlife for some coffee and we both headed off to TARGET to check out the goods.

Little did we know that all of TARGET was in a choatic buzz. Not ONE SINGLE Missoni item was available! It sold out in minutes!

The displays were empty. The only remininence of anything Missoni were the ladies who had been there since opening with carts full of MISSONI. Who knew there were so many fashion obsessed mama’s up here in the burbs!

This did not deter us. We did not give up, we went on a HUNT for a sighting of  anything MISSONI. We found goods in random isles and even in the dressing rooms.

I scored a Skirt for $39.99 and a Blue Knit dress for $65.99

Sarah picked up a baby onesie and shoes for a 3 year old. She also scored a throw pillow and a wine bottle holder. Christmas presents she said.

We were scavengers I tell ya!

The employees had no idea what hit them. The girl at checkout asked me what this was all about. She said she has never seen this sort of buzz at Target before. Apparently the line was ridiculous before the store opened and the burb mama got the goods fast.

The Target Website has appeared to have crashed this morning from too much traffic. Everyone has MISSONI fever!

What a success..brava Target…you have succeeded at bringing fashion to the masses!