Sephora/Tarina Tarantino

Oh Sephora,  I love you so!

I can never walk past a Sephora without drooling and somehow buying something that I MUST HAVE!

My little 5 yr old monkey has also developed a taste for all things Sephora. She can’t resist the makeup wonderland and always…ALWAYS walks out with a bit of gloss and blush and of course…glitter.

Who can resist the glitter!

You can just imagine my glee and giddyness when I recieved a package from Sephora with some goodies from the Tarina Tarantino line!

If you don’t know who Tarina Tarantino is, then you need to. She has a jewelery line to die for and now the makeup line…is the icing on the cake. Tarantino is a former makeup artist who is unique and fun, sparkly and playful in her designs and her makeup colors. Packaging for her makeup line is so girly, it almost looks like a toy. Well, I guess makeup is a toy… to me!

I have been indulging in these products lately. Just in time for spring, just in time to freshen up my winter makeup! This line is available ONLY at Sephora so get it while you can.

Tarina Tarantino

The gloss is ‘pom pom’ which looks totally fab on my south asian skin. The eye colors are “peacock pearl’ and “ribbon”. These, when applied correctly, give just the right bit of zing to my face.

I am working on a tutorial for Spring makeup…so keep it right here.