Radius Toothbrush

If your kid is anything like mine she/he does a “drive-by” brushing of her teeth. Truth is I’m not sure i brush my teeth for the recommended time.

So how great was it to find RADIUS, the toothbrush with a built in 2-minute timer and 30-second quadrant timer to help your kid and YOU comply with recommended brush time and technique, the RADIUS Intelligent guides us to brush for the appropriate time as recommended by the American Dental Association.

The little timer is very entertaining for Lily and she enjoys playing the timer-game with her toothbrush. The non-slip handle are great for her little hands.

Included in your RADIUS package is a 3-month wear meter to signal time for a new replaceable head, and the smart non-slip re-usable handle reduces waste by 93% and is guaranteed for 4 years.

RADIUS (www.RadiusToothbrush) is known for making hip, ergonomically friendly toothbrushes, which builds in designs that are long lasting, sustainable and place far less pressure on the gums, for a smarter, more efficient clean.