Make some moolah

You can turn almost anything into a job. With a bit of imagination. Like a famous a nanny once said. “with an element of fun, the job’s a hitch!”

I am always on the lookout for gigs. so I’ll keep this updated as I try out new things.

All recommendations have been done by me or my close, very close network of mommies. So it’s legit.

  • Dog sit

Do you have a big back yard that’s fenced in? Maybe watch a neighbours dog for the weekend. Your kids would think you are a hero and your neighbour would be uber happy that their dog is being cared for by …you!

  • Craiglist

I have so much stuff I need to get rid of and ebay takes too much time…but Craigslist is a no hassle site that allows you to post your goodies and sell it… quick!  Also, try this… pick up things from the ‘free” section and refurbish it and sell it for some quick cash.

  • Teach

Can you teach a class on knitting, scrapbooking, yoga, dance, art, kiddie fitness, social media, meditation, crafting, underwater basket weaving…anything! Call your local communtiy center, YMCA, community college, Arts Council, Town Recreation Committee, library and tell them about your talent and interest in teaching. This is a great way to interact with others and offer your expertise. You might even learn some new things along the way. Classes can pay upwards of $25/hr.

My sis in law, who is one savy little lady, has an amazon shop where she sells lots of goodies. She finds these goodies at discount stores or sales and posts them on Amazon for all the world to purchase. Amazon has a great reputation and brings her lots of traffic. You can do as little or as much as your time allows. Now we all have been to Target or Walmart or Macy’s and seen those super discounted toys or makeup or whatever and wished you had someone to gift it to. Well, sell it girl! make yourself some moolah!

  • Babysit

Lot’s of families have both parents working these days. If you are a stay at home mom, offer to pick up your neighbours kids from the bus and watch them for a few hrs after school. Some parents might need help taking their kids to school in the AM.  I have a friend who does this for one family 5 days a week and makes approx $300/wk.

  • Inflatable Castle Jumper

Do you own one of those inflateable castle jumper things? Well rent it out to others already! You can probably make back your investment in no time. Make a fun flyer and put it up around town or just send out an email to your friends. You would be amazed by the power of the internet!

  • Sell your handmade goods

I am doing this and not only is it tres fun it’s working y’all!  Sell your artwork, scarves, jewelry,vintage goods, stationary or whatever you make on my fav site Etsy.It’s a great community of artisans selling their goods.

In addition, go to your local retail shops (not corporate) and ask them if they would be interested in selling your goods. stationary and jewelry are big favs.

Farmer’s market’s and fairs are great places to sell your stuff too. For a small fee of $25 -$100 a table you can set up shop for a weekend and make yourself some moolah and meet some fun people doing it.

  • Horticulture

I love that word! Ok seriously. I do not have a green thumb but a lot of people I know do and they work that skill as much as they can. You can create amazing potted plants, hanging baskets, forced bulbs, herb pots and sell them at your local farmers market . I would totally buy it! Maybe even try emailing your friends with pics of what you do. I bet people like you and would want to get your goods.

  • Play the piano

Churches are always looking for substitutes. So get your piano playing chops together and contact your local church and let them know you are around. It can pay upwards of $100 a sunday.

Have you tried anything else? do share.