Lorac Multiplex Lipgloss

my lipgloss is cool …my lipgloss be popping…

It’s lip gloss… and it’s 3d… and has holographic reflectors, that give you mayjah shimmer… and they are not grainy… and the product is good…really good!  and it mixes well with a lip liner… and does not…repeat (hold your breathdoes NOT bleed.

Lorac Mutiplex Lipgloss is here girls and it is going to be a cult fave for sure. With the cold climate coming soon, this gloss has moisturizers to keep your smackers soft and smooth!

P.S. – on the green tip: It’s paraben free!

$22 at Sephora come in many different shades, I love em all!

* I love this gloss, I just want to share it with you, I was not paid for this post*