Oh Martha!

So it really is no secret that I obsess over Martha Stewart and the Barefoot Contessa. Rachel Ray…eh! not my kinda thang! I try their recipies, and crafts and read their blogs. I… Continue reading

Leave it in.

Fer Pete’s sake leave in your conditioner!!!   I have mad curly hair and have been long  aware of the benefits of “leave in” conditioners. So finally I gave in.  I bought some… Continue reading


I headed out to Jackson Heights, Queens this past weekend in search of great fresh produce and heritage. Jackson Heights is a neighbourhood in Queens, NY that is predominately OSuth Asian. Which what… Continue reading

Closet cleansing

Cleansing starts from the inside out. Whether you are cleansing your soul or your house, it’s always best to start from within. I figured, what better place for me to start than my… Continue reading

Mother’s helper

Every Mother need help…especially this one! So, today I got a “mother’s helper”. What is mother’s helper? Well, the “helper’ is  like a babysitter but you can’t leave them home alone with your… Continue reading

So fresh and so clean clean.

I have these memories of when I was young, growing up in India, and my mom would boil pure cow’s milk and then scoop the top layer of cream and slather it on… Continue reading

Second post

Matt, Lily and I went to the farmer’s market in Coldspring, NY today. It was great! everyone should go to farmer’s market simply for the smell of fresh produce and the cool folks… Continue reading


Hey all Welcome to my first blog. here I will share my everyday experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly…there’s a lot of ugly! I do alot in a day, in a… Continue reading

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