plus “hate”

I am watching “Kate” of John and Kate plus 8 on Larry King Live. I can’t figure out what to think of this? I remember boasting that I was getting parenting tips from… Continue reading

Pool time woes

Lily and I spend hours at the pool almost everyday. Although this is satisfying sometimes, most of the time my mind is trying to think of all the things I could be/should be… Continue reading

simple request

Lily got in trouble today and looked at me and said…”oh mommy, please don’t let this be a day without icecream.” Oh how i long for days when a day without  ice cream… Continue reading


Ugh! i go to the pool everyday and have such a fun time with my kiddie, but once I get home and realize that I have sooo much to do or more importantly,… Continue reading

Kids clothing deal

One of  my fav stores… Gymboree is haveing a 30% off for friends and family sale.Check it out.

drinking mom

There was this huge accident on the Taconic last week that had my feelings/emotions working overtime. A mother drove the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway and ran smack into a car that… Continue reading

It’s free

I found about these free things today. check em out. Allure is giving aways stuff everyday this month! http://www.allure.comI’m gonna try to win something! Victoria’s Secret is giving away a 1 OZ PINK… Continue reading

Strange Fruit

I love fruit! I love all kinds of fruit. My childhood in India exposed my palete to many an exotic fruit, so I have the best time introducing my husband and 4 year… Continue reading


Ok so who knew back in the day when tha kid was waxing his way through karate that ‘waxing” would become part of my monthly ritual as well. No I am not traing… Continue reading

Buying time

Lily’s little  4 year mind is always creating. I try never to stop this creative genius but sometimes…i need a break! Just 20 mins of nothing or 20 minutes of returning emails or… Continue reading

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