Make Something Monday- fancy clay bead garland

It’s MAKE SOMETHING MONDAY TIME!!! Every monday, I like to share a little something creative I did over the weekend and invite you to do the same. It’s so important to me take… Continue reading

Snow Day activity for kids – How to make ice cream out of snow

Hey you guys! It’s a SNOW DAY here in New York and we are loving it soooo very much! One of Lily’s favorite things is making ice cream from fresh snow. Matt started… Continue reading

Mimish – beanbag and storage in one – REVIEW

Recently I met a fascinating gal – Andrea Soto- while on one of my many outings. She is the creator of MIMISH – the bean bag with storage. ( genius right!) Since January… Continue reading

Master Chef Junior- CASTING CALL in NYC

Calling all culinary kiddies!!! We love that show Master Chef Junior and Lily has been working on her cooking skills to maybe be on the show one day. This little mini foodie of… Continue reading

the highs and the lows

Parenting highs are really high and parenting lows are really low. // be warned… this is another weepy sappy rant// It’s been a tough few weeks over here. We started sleep training right… Continue reading

Sleep Training Woes: day 2

Day two of sleep training with Thomas. Last night he slept from 10:30pm – 7am! win!!! Then took a nap from 9am – 10:30am. He napped again from 2:30 – 4pm . I… Continue reading

Sleep Training Heartbreak

i’ve been functioning on no sleep for over a month! yes we were on vaca with our family recently and yes I did sleep in.. until about 9ish most days… but that’s nothing… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

We had such fun visiting our parents last week. Lily and Thomas couldn’t get enough of the trundle bed at Grandma’s house. Thomas loved jumping from the bed to the trundle… endless fun!

the newness of things

January 1st is quiet possibly the most exciting day of the whole year. as much attention as december 31st gets, i think underrated Jan 1st is really the star! it’s such a rush… Continue reading

Home is where…

They say – Home is where the heart is- and that is so true. After a crazy trip – missing flights, crappy hotel stays, long hours at the airport- we are finally back… Continue reading

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