Thomas discovered the awesomeness of OLIVES. First let me start by saying… he eats anything…. all the time! So i guess i shouldn’t be that surprised that he ate half a can of black olives in one sitting.


I have no complaints about his eating habits…but I have to make sure at any given time I have food… not snacks… food… nearby. Today he ate brussel sprouts and loved them. Good thing because we love veggies in this family especially when said veggies are sauteed in yummy garlic oil and drizzled with truffle oil.


Recently Thomas ate a marshmallow and will slowly sign language ‘ eat’ and point right at the bag of marshmallows sitting on the counter. smart kid! Sometimes he’ll take his cheese or avocado or tomato and toss it across the room … all because of the marshmallow!

Lily has an amazing palate. This is a girl who would rather eat oysters than pizza. She loves spicy chicken wings over mac n cheese ( except truffle mac and cheese), and her favorite food is Biryani ( an indian rice dish my grandmother and matt make). Little man Thomas is showing signs of foodienss with his adventures eating as well. He loves stinky cheese, pickled anything, spicy food and kale chips! But then again… he eats it all. Which I love… and hope he continues this foodienes for life!

What fun foods are you feeding your babe?