I throw my hands up in the air sometimes…

Lily sings this song….

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes,
Saying AYO! Gotta let go!
I wanna celebrate and live my life,
Saying AYO! Baby, let’s go! Taio cruz>

You know things are off kilter when my words of wisdom are coming from a pop song. <via Kidzbop> 

new york mom

Today Lily went to school – with no snack, no lunch money, we missed her teachers meeting, we forgot who had to pick her up and she did not have her hat or gloves and it was below freezing. So there… Happy Monday to me. I throw my hands up in the air sometimes…

Things are good though. I don’t want to complain. I think sometimes I need to reflect on these moments on imperfection in my life just so I can truly appreciate all the perfectly perfect moments.

There’s been a ton of chatter in the media about these SUPER women who have it all. Husband- Career, Family, Dog, Running club, Book Club, Vacations, fab shoes and Lunches with gal pals. Well I want to meet one of these gals face to face and ask them a few questions. Because I have all this stuff too ya know  and it’s a balancing act with plates spinning and monkeys on bicycles riding in circles around me. And often times I fall off my tight rope with the plates crashing down on the monkeys riding in circles around me. ( see what i did there) You get the picture. 

‘Cause it goes on and on and on…
And it goes on and on and on…

My days start on full speed and end in a crash. These days are full of awesome giggles and stories and glitter and meltdowns and bathtime and witching hours… and they are intense and often times I look at my week and think… what just happened! Can we sloooow this train down.

But it’s life right. It happens fast. We just need to catch it.

I’m about to jump into yet another work related adventure and I’m over the moon about it. I am a worker. I love to work, i love to have a project, i love to have a purpose and I love to be part of a team. So work is a MUST for me… I am happier in my home life when I’m working. It’s a healthy thing for all of us.

How do you girls juggle it all? What secrets do you have to looking so fab, getting dinner on the table, laundry, work deadlines… while also being ever-present for the littles in your life? Or is it time for us to be honest with each other and share these imperfect moments which make up this messy project called motherhood?


and in closing I’d like to share my favorite verse from the aforementioned song…

I came to dance, dance, dance, dance
I hit the floor ’cause that’s my plans, plans, plans, plans
I’m wearing all my favorite brands, brands, brands, brands   not wearing any pants pants pants pants pants ( lily’s version)
Give me some space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands

‘Cause it goes on and on and on…
And it goes on and on and on…