She’s 9!

Today my sweet Lilypie turns 9!
I’ve been trying to write a sweet birthday letter to my Lily but just can’t get the words out and then I start weeping like a loon and it all goes to mush from there. Maybe in a couple days when I have a moment where I don’t feel particularly weepy about this, I’ll write her a birthday letter.


This picture is of our first birthday with Lily. She was turning 3. It’s been pretty awesome with Lily in this world.  She’s an angel and absolutely sees the entire world through her innocent eyes which only seek out love, adventure and candy! This child of mine is going to change the world… Just you watch!

*cue weepy sobs*

Aaahhh see what I told you…. Sobbing over here.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet lily pie! I love you to the moon! I love you to everything.. nothing left!