Soccer Sessions with Alex Morgan and Chapstick Lip Tips

Soccer star Alex Morgan lead an afternoon soccer clinic for kids at Chelsea Piers in NYC this month.



As the new face of Chapstick, Alex is part of the new advertising and marketing campaigns for the brand. We were lucky to have this afternoon with her.

Chapstick Alex Morgan DSC_0243

Lily loves soccer and has been playing for a couple years. She played really well all afternoon and was really impressed with Alex… I mean Alex WAS part of the GOLD MEDAL team at the last olympics… Lily’s got bragging rights now!



With these bitter cold temps in New York for the past 30 days, Chapstick has been a lifesaver. I have been an avid Chapstick fan so the Chapstick team didn’t have to sell me on it too much. Lily has her pockets stocked with every flavor of Chapstick!


The latest product from Chapstick is the Hydration Lock. This has been clinically proven to moisturize lips, keeps lips hydrated for full 8 hours, gives lips a fuller and smoother appearance and has antioxidents CoQ10 and VitE which help battle environmental oxidative damage to lips.

Sounds good to me!


With Valentines Day right around the corner… we gotta keep our puckers ready for smooches so Here are 5 Tips for good lip health with Chapstick and Dr. Melanie Grossman


  1. Lips are prone to dehydration so drink plenty of water everyday especially in the colder weather.
  2. Chapstick Hydration Lock hydrates and seals in moisture especially in cold and windy climates.
  3. Use a humidifier at home to combat the dry air which causes dry chapped lips.
  4. Use Chapstick with SPF15 when in the sun to prevent lip aging.
  5. If lips are constantly chapped, cracked, itchy or sore…you might have an infection. go see a dermatologist.