Make Something Monday- fancy clay bead garland


Every monday, I like to share a little something creative I did over the weekend and invite you to do the same. It’s so important to me take some time to do something artistic. and by ‘take some time’ i mean like.. 20 mins even.

We are in the depths of sleeptraining and Lily has a ton of stuff going on at school and Matt’s busy at work and I’m at home and at work and some days you just want to throw some glitter on something ya know!


So this weekend, Lily and I made a clay bead necklace. I love how this project turned out… so much that I’m going to make a few more color combinations. Also, the gold paint from Martha Stewart Crafts is AMAZING. Lily and I have been ‘golding’ everything we see!

Are you ready to learn how to make your own fancy clay bead necklace or garland.

You need:

Clay – we used crayola air dry clay, Paint- any sort of acrylic paint will do, paint brush, toothpicks and threading yarn.

  • Take little pieces of the air dry clay and roll it into balls. Make them all different sizes.
  • Pierce the clay ball with the toothpick. This creates a hole for threading when the clay dries.
  • Let air dry overnight. You can also use clay that needs to go in the oven but I find the air dry to work just as well and its safer for kids.


  • When clay is dry, Paint with your favorite colors.
  • Let paint dry.


  • Take the clay off the toothpick and string it up!
  • DONE!

So easy and so fun. This is a great activity with kids as well as just your gal pals. Lily and I are going to make more garlands and maybe even try new shapes and patterns.

I really do hope you have time in your weekend to make something. I need a creative outlet for my sanity and make it a point to get even 20 mins a weekend… like I said… just throw some glitter on something, it will make you feel better 😉


* This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love to make things and hope you share your DIY ideas with me! *