Mimish – beanbag and storage in one – REVIEW

Recently I met a fascinating gal – Andrea Soto- while on one of my many outings. She is the creator of MIMISH – the bean bag with storage. ( genius right!)

Since January is National Organization Month, I wanted to share a little fun and colorful way to organize in your home. 



Mimish is a fab new product on the market which combines the laid bag comfort of a bean bag while also allowing for simple storage under the pouf!


Anything from blankets to toys to… small wandering children can be zipped up right inside the bag. ( i kid about the small wandering children.. or do i!)


We’ve used the Mimish storage bag in our play space where it provides comfy seating as well as storage for a few of Thomas and Lily’s stuffed animals. Although… Thomas is much more interested in getting INSIDE the bag. He loves the storage compartment and pretends it’s his own personal boat.


Jonah sometimes tries to crawl inside as well. Silly Jonah.

Mimish Storage Bags come in a whole selection of fun colors. You can also get muted colors to fit your grown up decor. This would be a great gift for a college student to spruce up and help organize their dorm room, for use in a play space like us or even in the TV room… which we do quiet often. This is the perfect movie night accessory!


I also told Andrea and her team that next season they need to come out with a GOLD Mimish!

I mean… perfection right!!

I would love a gold pouf in our nursery!

In the end. we love this beanbag/storage combo… it has totally fit right into our decor and has come in handy for just lounging around. It’s also super easy to clean – completely machine washable. just follow the instructions.

So what do you think… is it a bean bag? is it storage? It’s a MIMISH!!


Check out MIMISH for more info!

*this is a sponsored post. I do like this product and really loved Andrea and her fab energy! I love supporting small businesses… especially small businesses by fierce gals!*