the newness of things

January 1st is quiet possibly the most exciting day of the whole year. as much attention as december 31st gets, i think underrated Jan 1st is really the star! it’s such a rush to look at your calendar and say… it’s a New Year Y’all!

Maria Dance

i don’t do new years resolutions. that kind of pressure does not work for me. i do like making big lofty goals with the hopes of maybe… just maybe acheiving a little bit of that lofty goal.

i like dreaming big. my dreams are usually so very big that the first step seems daunting and then it all falls apart from there.

being a mother to these two monkeys of mine is pretty awesome but in 2013 i totally let ALL of my personal interests go to the wayside.  I did not do ONE thing for myself this entire year! I know it’s a stupid problem to have but in my brain it’s a huge thing. i have been so focused on these babies and making sure Thomas doesn’t fall down the stairs, or eat Jonah’s food, or choke on a rainbowloom band or any number of dangers that lurk in this house… that i forgot all about lil ole ME! I forgot about who I used to be before the kidlets, I forgot what I enjoyed WITHOUT the littles and i just forgot about making time just for me.

i want to cook some more, ride my bike really fast, i want to go surfing, i want to take bubble baths and go upstate more often, i want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the early morning and i want to dance…

so this year… i’ll continue to have lofty goals, dream big, twirl … but… I will start at step one and really try  MAKE things on my little list…happen.

here is my lofty, grandious, super awesome, going to happen dang it wish list for 2014:

  • I want this blog to get it’s wings and fly … fly … fly!(all these years, i’ve been coasting and doing pretty well. but this year… it’s game time!)
  • My fashion+design+style blog – MomGoneStyle is going to get mad luv and grow!( yes I started a fashion blog in my 30’s GASP!)
  • I have a cool dance related project in the works for this year!
  • I want to go hiking in Nova Scotia. ( or Maine)
  • I’m going to start all my ideas and not be afraid to fail.
  • I would like to write more about travel (in addition to writing about beauty and i do)
  • I want to have more dates with Matt. or i should say… A date with Matt!
  • ZERO unread mail in gmail!(don’t we all)
  • i’m going to make a MUCH bigger effort to see my friends.
  • I’m going to surf all summer.
  • Lily and I will be skateboarding fiends this year.
  • Ride my bike..a lot.
  • Meet friends for dinner… a lot. and host dinner parties.
  • I am going to wake up a good 30 mins before the rest of this house and just enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe even take my sweet Jonah Bear for a walk in the wee early mornings.
  • yoga.
  • i’m going to get this babe to sleep!
  • send thank you cards to this most amazing village that raises this family. 

so that’s it. my short… not so short… list of goals for this year.

i know that most of  you do EVERY SINGLE thing on my list already and do it really well. so what! this is my humble wish list, my lofty goal, my dreaming big list for 2014.

i wish you the happiest of new years! i thank you for following my inconsistent life, my wild ideas and my fails and wins… overall i thank you- dear reader- for your support. i feed of off your energy and  your comments and your sweet emails. so here we go… you and me… 2014… we got this!