Home is where…

They say – Home is where the heart is- and that is so true. After a crazy trip – missing flights, crappy hotel stays, long hours at the airport- we are finally back home!

It’s great to be back. We do love seeing our family in Florida but it’s always nice to come home and get back to the swing of things.

Waiting for us at home was a batch of fresh-baked brownies from our house sitter, a fine bottle of red from one of my clients and gifts from some of our friends. How wonderfully loved we are!


We spent practically the whole day in bed watching movies yesterday. we had a little picnic and watched TV while enjoying some pate, cheese, meats and wine. My favorite kinda dinner. picnic dinner.jpg Thomas slept for a solid 14 hours which was amazing.

Today the snow was just perfect for making snowmen. So Lily spent all afternoon making a whole trio of a snowman family. She picked out the perfect carrots for their noses, seashells for their eyes, scarves and hats and twigs to finish the whole look.

20140105-232659.jpg Jonah… who was sitting by her side patiently all afternoon…finally couldn’t take the temptation and just went for the snowman family… he started with the carrot nose and it all went downhill from there. We heard frantic noises coming from outside and I ran out to find carrot bits left in the snow, and a destroyed mound where used to live the snowman family. Lily was not amused.


This dog!


Lily is one month away from turning 9! N I N E you guys. It makes me sad. There are lots of milestones that come with the age 9. The biggest… growing up!


It’s cold in New York these days. On Tuesday it’s going to get down to about 13 degrees with a wind chill factor in the negatives. It’s exciting. I like the change of climate. I like that the cold is bitter cold and the gorgeous days are stunning and the heat is gross and smelly. I love the changing of the seasons.


Tomorrow is Monday. So back to the grind. Fortunately I like my grind. The christmas tree has to come down, the house needs to be cleaned and laundry has to be done.

Thomas is rediscovering all his toys which is fun to see. He goes to each room with a sense of total ownership and says ” hi..hi … HI” to all his toys.

Jonah is happy to have us all back. He’s been a snuggle bug and I think really enjoyed having us all home and in bed for the entire day yesterday. 20140105-232937.jpgHappy 2014 everyone!