Happy Everything!

Happy Happy Everything you guys! I have been absolutely blissfully missing these past few days. It’s truly refreshing to just check out of all online shenanigans for a few days. We’ve been enjoying Christmas with our family in Florida. Eating mama’s biryani, pork curry and lot of tasty South Indian food. Matt and I have also stopped over at our local Oyster pub for our $6.95 per dozen oysters fix. These Appalachicola bay Oysters are somethign else!

Lily and Thomas have been showered with what seems to be never ending gifts and the love that surrounds them is truly such a blessing. We’re busy spending long lazy days with our families, eating, laughing and just being… offline.

2013 started out with  new life in our home. Thom was such a peanut and Lily was only 7! These days, our one year old Thom is walking all around the house and Lilypie is 8…going on “i know it all”. Our lives have just zipped by so very fast this past year but all along the way we made sure to stop, enjoy a nice glass of wine, collect some seashells, eat lots of oysters and have big belly laughs! I am blessed to have this sweet family of mine. And all the people who surround us everyday!

I do hope that you, dear reader, are able to take some time to go hug on your sweet ones who surround you everyday!