in the details

Tonight I found out that one of my friends from my dancing days has stage 4 cancer and was expected to live for 6 months… 12 months ago.

Today is his birthday.

He’s alive and sick and very much dying. but very much living!

He writes a beautiful blog where he has been tracking his cancer treatments. I’m not going to “out” my friend nor am I going to share his blog with you. It’s his story and it’s beautiful and his photos are stunning and his blog a true gem much like him. His love for photography and brilliance of choreography and just love for the details of life is very alive in his writing and imagery.

I’ve spent the better part of 2 hours reading and going through his blog this evening.

God is in the details. Have you heard that phrase. Someone said that to me once and I just kinda smiled and nodded. Tonight this phrase is on the very forefront of my mind.

I complain about my daily life a lot… like a whole lot. While I love this life of mine, I sometimes get sucked into some sort of all day everyday pity party that i just can’t to seem to leave. It’s easy to throw pity parties when one is home with a young baby all day…most days.

But I feel changed since reading my friends blog. He has that sort of effect on people. When we danced together, I had a similar awakening in my art because of concepts and ideas he introduced.  And today… years later…I am once again touched and moved by his story and his words. So no complaints. I am going to celebrate the everyday… the details.


God my friends… is in the details. Not in the big flashy moments… but in the quiet simple moments. The everyday moments, the daily grind moments and most certainly in unexpected moments.

Fare thee well my dear dear friend. Hope you live out your days just exactly the way you want to… riding your bike very fast!