Baby’s First Birthday

So we made it through the first 12 months of this sweet man’s life… and he’s still alive and kickin!




To celebrate, we invited a few of our sweet friends and their littles to come eat some yummy cake and have some drinks and spend an afternoon with us.

Thomas’s birthday party was DIY all the way. Lily and I made many of the decorative elements, like the cupcakes and sprinkles with gold glitter on top. Our DIY glitter fringe photo booth was a huge hit! and overall it was home-made… just like I like it.



Lily and i are going to do a few DIY posts in the coming days to share how we made everything. I could craft all day! Maybe one day when I’m old and grey…i’ll bring out my glitter collection and glitter up my walking stick!

Our party was themed as a – Gentleman’s Bowtie Party- It was really cute to see all these little kiddies in their bowties! 

On Thomas’s actual birthday we kept it just between us. Lily picked out the menu for the evening. Gingerbread-man pasta with red sauce and a salad. It was a sweet evening, We reminissed about the night he was born and how we were all nervous and how much fun she had staying with my brother and running around the hospital with Aunt Becky and Dita.


Lily was thrilled when Thom ” came out”, she took on her most important role… a big sister. Our sweet family of four is so perfect and cute that at times I just can’t believe it’s all real. Keeping up with Lily and Thomas and Jonah is such fun… exhausting and we are always late to everything…but fun.


Happy Birthday my sweet little man -man Thomas you little gundu baby! Here’s to a whole lifetime of cupcakes with gold sprinkles and lots of adventures with your sweet sister!