Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2013

Alright… here we go folks. The mama – jama gift list for you and your littles. I mean these toys are handpicked by me with the utmost of thought behind play, creativity, longevity and education for your child. This is one of many gift lists coming out this year. These are some of the MUST HAVE toys for 2013.

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So here goes.

1. Kidoozie Funtime Tractor – $37.99 –

Kidoozie-Kidoozie-Funtime-TractorThis is SUCH a charming toy. Push the tractor chimney and the tractor moves forward. Thom has LOOOVED this toy. It also plays songs and all the animals make noises. Plus I like the quality of this toy. It’s rugged and will last you a while. The plastic is the good kind!

2. Calico Critters – Luxury Townhouse – $89.95

Calico CrittersI love these critters and this luxury townhouse has it all. The lights actually turn off and on, one of the panels can be moved to create a whole new room. It’s so charming with cute details. the critters are sold separately.

3.Barbie – Pony Train and Ride Horse Playset – $50

Holiday_Gift_Guide_kids alright… this is SUPER cool. This is an interactive doll and horse set where the horse walks, bows and stops on Barbie command. her hand movements make all these things happen. SOO cool!

4.Maxim Ever Earth Workbench $26.99 –

Holiday_Gift_Guide_kidsThis wooden set is really cute for all those little tinkers in your world. Thomas has loved this and sometimes i even find Lily banging around on it! The wooden pieces really function..except the saw..because then you will have a fingerless kids and what not. I love this toy!

5. Dora the Explorer – Sizzling Surprises Kitchen. $59.99

Holiday_Gift_Guide_kidsSuper cute, sturdy kitchen that sizzles and talks in both english and spanish. It’s cute for that Dora fan. And pretty sturdy compared to previous Dora kitchens.

6. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car – $50

Holiday_Gift_Guide_kidsThomas just can’t get enough of this car! It’s so cute especially for little kids with tiny little chubby legs and big round bellies like my sweet man-man. Thomas loves to open the door and get inside the car or just climb in head first. It’s plays sounds and has a shape sorter and a horn and ignition key that makes a rrrr sound. Super cute and you will get a lot of play for your little one. Thomas started playing with this at 9 months.

7. Bravo Sports Pulse electric scooter -$125

Holiday_Gift_Guide_kidsThis is on Lily’s MUST HAVE list this Christmas. I love this scooter. It charges into your electric socket and has a 45 minute charge, also really easy to manuever and goes pretty fast when you twist the handle. You’re going to make one kid very happy with this sweet ride. I recommend for ages 8 and above. with a helmet!

8. Hess Toy Truck and Tractor -$27.99

Holiday_Gift_Guide_kidsThis toy is a classic. Generations of kids are gifted with the newest Hess Truck each year and it’s a whole collectible thing. This year the Hess truck is a flatbed with a tractor on board. The tractor makes sounds and moves forward and backwards.

* All of these toys were sent to me for purposes of this guide. I have more gift guides coming up so keep it right here! All opinions are my own.*