Little Luxuries

My sweet little Thomas is sick today. He’s a bit clammy and warm and his teeth are hurting him. After taking Lily to school this morning, I came home and snuggled up back in bed with him and he fell asleep right on my belly.

His little body is so uncomfortable that when I put him down in his bed he immediately wakes and cries. So I’ve decided to say – forget the day- and here i am  in bed with him for as long as it takes. It’s humbly to think that to my sweet little Thomas, I’m the only one who can calm his ailing body by letting him lay on my chest.


AS I was thumbing through my online bookmarks, I came across this beautiful and touching article about the over 22,000 homeless children in NYC. This number is staggering and it’s only KIDS… not the parents or the numerous others.

If you have a moment to read today, please read this article. INVISIBLE CHILD. it will move you to tears and make you really grateful for all your luxuries. There are so many children – like this article stated- who have no place to live and no oxygen to breathe. And that poor baby who is being kept warm by a hairdryer…It’s heartbreaking.

Makes me want to run out and help… but how! We help through our church but I feel like I need to find a more direct way to get involved.

My sweet Thom, sick on this bitterly cold day in New York… has all the warmth, comfort and care he could possibly need. I am so thankful to have this life of mine and feel blessed that my sweet children don’t have to worry about meals and warmth and basic comforts. and that i can be home and just lay here in bed with soothing my sick baby.

Count your blessings… I count mine everyday.