Guess who turned one today!!! I’m trying to write a post but it’s so sappy and weepy and I just can’t edit!


One year ago… this sweet man was born into our lives. A year later I just can’t imagine our lives without him. I can’t imagine Lily not being a big sister. She is his protector and guardian and has already taken to teaching him all sorts of fun amazing things… like eating icing and jumping on the bed. Her kisses are magical and Thomas just lights up when he so much as hears her voice. His little body hops off the floor as he kicks his legs and wiggles in excitement at the mere sound of Lily’s voice. Almost every single day Lily comes home from school..singing. I can hear her outside the house and so can Thom. She tickles him to no end and when she stops he looks at her and in his own baby language… asks for more. The giggles are the sweetest sounds this earth could ever capture.


I can’t imagine Jonah not having someone to play with all day. Thomas crawls all over his giant furry body and gives him hugs or uses him as him own personal gym… and my sweet Jonah sits there and lets him do whatever he wants. Thomas shares his toys with Jonah… but Jonah… not so much.

baby first yearThese two were linked from the very beginning and their relationship continues to build every moment. A dog and his boy… there’s nothing better.


I love watching Matt with Thomas. I love watching Matt with Lily. But holding this baby and caring for him through all the midnight crying and diapers… Matt is a nurturer and Thom, Lily and I are most blessed to have him take care of us the way he does. Thom, like Lily, is a daddy’s boy. he recognizes the sound of Matt’s feet coming up the stairs and immediately goes into an excitement tizzy. When he sees Matt… he all but leaps out of my arms to give his daddy a huge hug. Lily does the same. Thom has Matt’s calm demeanor. My friend  said – I see you in his face but I see matt in his eyes and his thoughts. I think this is pretty accurate. Thomas, like Matt, is a thinker. He sits back and observes everything and then… just goes for it. No trial and error… just does it right the first try.20131204-175709.jpg

from his aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandmother who surround him and pray for him all the time… this little man is blessed.

In Lily’s words – ‘I’m glad YOU are the one who came out Thomas”.

Happy Birthday my sweet MOTO. This world is better with you in it!

* apologies for the typos and spelling errors. this is the umteenth draft and it’s the least sappy and weepy.*