Make Something Monday – Printed Baby Pants

It’s Make Something Monday.. yippee!!

* make Something Monday is something I started a while ago that encourages me… and hopefully you… to get creative and take a moment to MAKE SOMETHING over the weekend. On Monday… I share my creations.*

I have really been meaning to be consistent about this series… but life sometimes knocks me down ya know. So here we go again… this time i mean it!


This weekend I decided to print a pair of Thoms’ sweatpants.  I have a bit of a design crush on arrows and triangles lately and took a shot at creating my own.20131118-223745.jpg

My sweet man…he wears these pants with such confidence. 20131118-223751.jpg

These were SUPER easy to make. It took me about 20 mins. no joke. I freehand drew these triangles on with gold MARTHA STEWART paint. That lady knows her crafting. I am slightly obsessed with her GOLD paint these days. For a quick $2.99 at Michael’s Arts and Crafts you can GOLD everything you see. 20131118-223757.jpg

So how to make these:

You need –

  1. A pair of pants. I bought mine at TARGET for $4 they are kids sweatpants in a size 12 months.
  2. GOLD Martha Stewart multi use paint from Michael’s Arts and Crafts.
  3. A foam brush and a regular soft bristled brush- I framed the triangle with the edge of the foam brush and them filled in with the soft bristle.
  4. Cardboard pieces. i.e.- cereal box.
  5. Creative spirit!


You do:

  1. Wash your pants ONCE before printing. Make sure it also goes through the dryer.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard – maybe a cereal box from the recycling bin- between the two layers of each pant leg. This keeps the paint from bleeding to the back of the pants.
  3. Get your paint… get your brush… and go create!
  4. Make sure your get clean lines when working on geometric designs… nothing like messy lines to mess up your creation.
  5. After the paint is dry, i like to toss the pants by themselves in the dryer for about 10 mins. This helps set the color.
  6. I also like to wash the pants with like colors… or some old towels once… to make sure the paint is set.

20131118-223814.jpgSo there ya go. I hope to get a little fancy with my Make Something Mondays. I desperately need a creative outlet and this…dear reader… this will have to do for these busy diaper changing, no sleep, dealing with an 8YO going on 16 … days.

So, what did you make!