Halloween DIY at the last minute

Guess which class parent forgot all about the Halloween Party tomorrow and had to come up with little somethings for the class at the last-minute! *procrastinator ME*

Also…Matt went to EMORY university for undergrad and their college mascot was DOOLEY the skeleton.. so here is my ode to Dooley… for 3rd grade!


Lily said, ” mommy, tomorrow is the Halloween party. I want to give my class something”.


So we went digging through our crafting supplies and came up with this cute little card.

I like it. I think it’s sweet for Halloween. Lily said, ” i bet no one has ever seen Halloween cards like these”.

Well… she’s right!

Here’s how you make these:


you need –

A bone Knife
Craft punch of your ghoulish liking
Skeleton Stamp


  1. Cut your paper in little squares
  2. We used the corner punch to make little ghosts on all four corners.
  3. Using our skeleton stamp that we got at Michael’s for $1 last year. we stamped a skeleton – AKA DOOLEY- onto the front of the card.
  4. Lily will sign each card tomorrow.

Emory DOOLEY.jpgHappy Halloween everyone!