Holiday Gift- B Toys Walkness Monster – Review

For that sweet little babe in your life who’s ready to step out into the big brave world…the Walkness Monster from BToys is a really great little helper. The Walkness Monster is a toy walker for babies. Thom loves this. It comes with a handful of dual colored balls which you drop down the shoot and watch them come rolling out at the bottom. The wheels are smooth and the whole toy is really fab. From rounded corners, to the colors and the whole ball rolling down the shoot thing. It’s a pretty awesome walker and I HIGHLY recommend it.


I am a fan of the B Toys brand. When I was contacted to review some of their products for the holidays, I was just all too happy to oblige. It was a great fit since we already have a handful of their toys in the house!

You’ve seen B Toys… it’s in the “specialty” isle of the toy department at Target. The wooden toys, the funky brands… the cool colors… the cool kids of toys hang out in this isle and B Toys is representing!

image Proceeds from sales of all B TOYS goods support the efforts of FREE THE CHILDREN. A worthy cause. Also, all their packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled gear.




One of the first things that attracted me to this company is the design and color. You are not getting the primary colors that most kid toys are sporting. These are subtle color combinations which give a gentle nod to the little child in your world who is slowly taking over your fine decor with his baby gear! – but iI digress. ( it’s the small things like these that are soooo vital when you  have a small child and seem to be drowning in primary colors! )

Thomas likes to collect things from his playroom and put them in the large basket of the Walkness Monster. It’s really cute as he waddles around the room with his collections.

A holiday Gift list MUST!

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