A week in pics as seen through my Samsung Galaxy Note3

This week my pics are sponsored by Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3. All pics are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note3 and are unfiltered.

Thomas has a new hobby… he stands at the front door and heckles all the squirrels eating our pumpkins. He also loves to talk and talk and talk and when someone walks past him on the sidewalk he gets so excited that he wiggles around and almost falls over. image

Lily wanted to do a lil something for Halloween this year. So this is what she got. dead dancing glow in the dark skeleton! Boo! image

The bond between Jonah and Thomas is pretty sweet. Here we have Thomas with one of Lily’s markers and paper as he explains something to Jonah. Jonah – my sweet bear- just sat there and listened to every word. And he doesn’t even speak baby language! image


It’s FALL in New York and let me tell you … it’s GORGEOUS! image

We were hunting wabbits.


Best part about living so close to the beach… we go all the time… even when it’s cold!


We bought a new couch for the family room and Jonah immediately made himself at home. He hogs the couch! image

I finally got around to decorating our front door and the squirrels have eaten through my pumpkins and my yellow mums are dead. So much for ” hardy mums” !


The air is crisp these days, our heater has been turned on, the leaves are falling… and we are all snuggling up and settling into the cold evenings. My favorite time of year!

* Thanks to Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3 for sponsoring this post*