Top Baby Stores in New York City

One of my readers… like you… asked about where she should shop for her baby on her upcoming trip to NYC.

I am only all too excited to share my TOP BABY SHOPS IN NEW YORK CITY. I also threw in a few places to grab some grub in the neighbourhood.

PICCOLININYC – you have to stop by this über cute, super curated and just the daintiest of kid stores in the Lower East Side. Alex – the gal who owns the shop – has a great eye for whats new and trending in baby and kid decor. Alex also designs and sells THE coolest shirts that you… dear reader… yes you.. MUST get!

Best baby Stores in New York

When in the LES you must eat at PUBLIC and Schillers Liqour House… can’t go wrong with Schillers.

My Brooklyn Baby– another fiercely curated little shop over there on Fulton street in downtown Brooklyn. When you purchase something, kids gets a recycled paper square with wildflower seeds in it which can be planted.  Lily loved it! So quaint! While there… eat at Battersby and get the kale salad… it’s no joke.

Sweet William – Oh Sweet William. This is the SWEEEEETEST store ever! Walking into this store is like walking into a beautiful pinned Pinterest board! This store is so naice… they have it twice in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The goods are all handmade and one of a kind and oh so darling!

Best Baby Stores in New York City

The Manhattan location is on Kenmare street and there is a parking garage that charges only $15 to park all day!!! It’s my secret NYC tip! Also eat at THE CORNER and local tip —> there is a secret bar in the basement. shh don’t tell the tourists!

Goat Milk NYC – so I have been OBSESSED with GoatmilkNYC clothes for a year now and recently they opened a location on 12th street. I swung by this week and it’s really fascinating. the decor, the clothes… it’s sorta like an art gallery but with baby stuff. So awesome!

Babesta – This is a Tribeca staple. with two massive stores catty corner from each other… this is your ABSOLUTE one stop show for all things baby.strollers, car seats, high chairs, clothes, books, music, arts… i could go on. It’s well curated with all the ‘specialty’ toys and items.

Best  Baby Stores in New York City

Go to the The Odeon in Tribeca … but go for the graveyard shift… all the tipsy celebs are there 😉 !

Also swing by GIGGLE and AREA KIDS, there are lots of locations and it’s worth the stop!

So there ya go. My little ole list of the best baby stores in New York City. I love these stores and I hope you have a chance to swing by and pick up some fab goodies for your littles!

I also have wonderful places to shop online.. so if you are an online baby store please contact me so I can check it out and include you in my next post.