Week in pictures as seen through my iPhone

These week was crazy… you know when some weeks are just nuttier than others and you look back and go… how in the WORLD did we just make it through 7 days and where’s my coffee!

We squeezed so much into the last few days… but it was such fun and I even got some cleaning and laundry done… win!


^ at IKEA today, I saw there gorgeous Christmas stars just calling my name. Jingle bells y’all… j i n g l e bells!! I have to say.. as much as I would like to moan and groan about this whole ” christmas comes earlier each year”, “it’s all consumerism and the big box stores are playing a mind trick on us to buy fake snow and santas who play the sax…” but what the wha…I love it! And yes… yes Virginia… I do have a Santa that plays the sax! ( i hope you got that virginia reference otherwise… well otherwise)


^ this sweet man of mine… he gets bigger by the second make. it. stop! ^


^ $1 oysters and $4 beers at Kittery in Brooklyn. I mean… how can you pass this up. So we didn’t. ^


^ this happens all the time. Isn’t she the BEST big sis ever! ^


^ there are so many wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline. This one is my favorite and not very well-known. Past the cemetery in queens, you can see this hazy line of concrete jagged buildings. The most famous skyline in the world. As seen through my iphone! ^20131014-165013.jpg

^ scooter parking – thanks to Weerol, Fisher price and Plasma bug. we might have to have a “scoot’off’ to see which one is the best! ^


^ who’s that girl…^


^ why is it summertime in NY (earlier this week) ^

Alright there ya go! so much more to share… maybe i’ll do a part deux. Happy week everyone! hope you had Monday off and now just have 4 more days until the weeeeeeekend!