International Day of The Girl #WeAreGirlRising Twitter Party

Hey everyone – I’m hosting a very important twitter party this Thursday. I really do hope you join me online!

Thursday, October 11  is International Day of The Girl.

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We’re hosting a #WeAreGirlsRising Twitter party.

  • DATE:   Thursday, October 10, 2013
  • TIME:   9 pm ET

As mothers with daughters, we know how important an education is to their success. Unfortunately 66 million girls are out of school globally. Join the GirlsRising movement to change that and bring awareness to this critical issue.

  • • Girls with 8 years of education are 4 times less likely to be married as children.
  • • The #1 cause of death for girls 15-19 is childbirth.
  • • 80% of all human trafficking victims are girls.


HASHTAG:  #WeAreGirlRising

HOSTS: @HollyPavlika @TheNewYorkMom @Momiverse @StyleIsland 

I’m sure the conversation is going to be valuable and inspiring.

See ya Thursday 9PM!