Dumbo Arts Festival 2013

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This past weekend we headed to the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL.

This is one of my favorite festivals in New York City.

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A few years ago my dance company used to perform at this festival. We presented site specific dance performances all around Dumbo.


The Dumbo Arts Festival signifies the beginning of fall to me. Fall in New York is magical. Truly it is. The art scene just bursts this time of year, the leaves are in a constant state of color explosion, I get to wear scarves and boots. It’s wonderful!

While I didn’t want to take too many pics of the actual art during the art festival.. it’s the artists work and I feel funny photographing it unless I can fully explain what the work is about… ya da yada…


Lily loves art festivals… she says it’s going to be her one day. She’s going to create her own work and sell it or maybe present it at such a festival. pretty cool lil!


You know what I love about the DUMBO ARTS FESTIVAL… the work is abstract, it’s interactive, it’s creative, its’ new, it’s all around you. This environment is really quite ideal for a young mind like Lily’s . While I was exposed to the arts when I was younger, it was always your mainstream arts, galleries, concerts, plays..etc. I didn’t discover performance art or abstract art or multi media collaborations until I was in college and was absolutely blown away by this brave medium of creating work.


My personal choreography is multi dimensional, i use video, props, text , music and environment to create my pieces. Lily has come to many of my shows and just soaks it all up and when we get home she recreates a little something! ( I wish I could get back to making dances….i wish!)


Oh stop me from getting all sappy this glorious Monday Morning!

Hope you enjoy a few of our pics from our weekend at the Dumbo Art Festival.



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