Color run NYC – KindAwesome

Lily and I ran the Color Run NYC a few weekends ago.

It was her first time errr… ‘running’ a 5K.

We sorta walked and chatted our way through the run but had THE best time ever.


Lily is 8. You know 8 is a tough age.. especially for girls. There is so much that happens at 8. All of a sudden you have a mini girl.. and not a baby girl. Online, on TV, in stores, toys, clothes… all seem to miss the 8 – 12 year age group for girls… this is also when most girls drop interest in Science and Math and go the way of the ” girly girl” because so much pressure is put on looks and appearance… yes starting at age 8!


My way to try to address this is to have Lily involved in tons of things all the time. Our weekends are full of adventure, trips, digging in the sand catching crabs…etc.

The COLOR RUN NYC is a really amazing activity to participate in… and with your 8 yea old.. even better.

Lily was thrilled to see so many people at the run, and the color part of it was just awesome. She kept asking me – i can get dirty right?

And dirty we got!

First – The Color Run is AWESOME and you should sooooo do this next season!

Second – Let me know if you do so we can run together!


We were sponsored to run the Color Run NYC by KIND SNACKS. and were  Color Run Correspondents!

KIND healthy snacks = Healthy and Tasty.. say wha! 


Lily and I tried to ” train” for the run… that lasted all of 2 weeks maybe 3 runs. maybe. The night before she said. ” Mom, we’re going to win this!”  umm hmmm. Without any rehearsal? 20130916-084955.jpg

We had the best time. There were kids at the event… but not tons of them. This also appealed to Lily’s – I’m not a kid any more’ attitude. The demo was mainly 20-30 somethings. It was such fun. The best part…. music! They had beastie boys, LL cool J, Gaga… Britney… i mean… all kinds of feel good happy music.


The Color Run NYC/Brooklyn  spanned 2 days. Saturday and Sunday. we went on Saturday at 9am. But there were many starting times. I think every 20 mins or so. After the run there was a huge concert outdoors with .. color being thrown from the stage and balloons and such fun. We opted out.. it was a bit much for Lily. But I recommend staying if you don’t have kiddies. Or jam out on the side… like we did! She’s a little to young for a mosh pit.. no?


Look at this face…pure happy!


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* we were sponsored by KIND SNACKS for the color run. All opinions are my own*