New York the Impossible

^^ you know I love New York.  ^^

I do.

but just like any relationship… sometimes the OTHER ( not me) can be selfish, stubborn, and plain ole impossible.

my Sister and Brother -in-law are leaving… on a jet plane. Don’t know when they’ll be back again.

after living in New York and making it work really well, and comfortably and enjoying all that ole NY has to offer… they are moving to Seattle.

you know sometimes New York makes it impossible for people to settle down. between the price of property, taxes, noise, smells, school systems, dog parks ( lack of) , cost of everything! it’s a tough game.

their move makes me think of my life here in NY.

while I have seemed to have found a happy medium here in the burbs… my early artist life was tough.

between auditions, and gigs that didn’t pay much… most of my time was spent working jobs just to survive. so where was  there any space for art?  i eventually figured out that building websites, choreography,film and commercials paid a whole heck of a lot more than concert dance and I was able to make a good amount of money in a short amount of time that fed my Modern Dance Company. i can’t tell you how many friends of mine moved to NY to “make it” as a dancer, actor, artist, musician – and while a lot of us  achieved that “made it” cliff we had come to climb – some got lost in jobs that paid enough just to pay rent and subway fare and that occasional night out with friends. and some got non art related jobs that paid really really well and got comfortable and settled.

new york misses out on so many talented artists everyday. and i miss the art my friends create! ( or used to create)

my sis and BIL are not artists, they are in medicine and finance… really succesful great careers and even they threw in the towel.

i mean this gentrification thing is out of control. And who are these people who can afford to live in new york if the very demographic with funds to live here is moving away. the DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) and the YUPPIES – both terms you could potentially use to describe my sis and BIL.

dang it New York. why do you have to be so greedy and chase everyone out.

my sister is Lily’s best friend. lily is torn over this. she has decided to buy a tiny park in seattle and build a tiny house so she can be near my sister. breaks my heart. last night we spent a good hour looking at property online and she found patches of land for $75,000 and said.. ok how do I save up that money and maybe by the time i graduate high school i’ll have that money.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know my BIL and sister (as an adult) these past few years and we’ve had some amazing times, hurricanes, storms, snow parties, skiing, all those new years eve parties, boston, apple picking, beerfests, remember the time we threw our old dining chairs in the fire pit, we had a baby, beaches and just plain ole hanging out!

moving sucks.

Ugh. I’m going to miss my sister. ( and BIL)