Inertia Infant Car Seat – Review – Child Passenger Safety Week

This is National Child Passenger Safety Week and what better time to share with you an amazing car seat for that presh little bundle of pooping+ smiling+ grunting+ mad luv baby of yours.

So you know I have a job where I review and stare at and check out baby gear all day. This blog just highlights some of my faves that come my way.

The BABY TREND – Inertia Infant Car Seat is awesome you guys… and even before you read this post, let me say… if you are in the market for a car seat… a little bun cooking in ye ole oven… then i HIGHLY recommend checking out the Inertia Infant Car Seat.

Inertia Car Seat

This car seat redefines baby car seat comfort and most important.. safety. While we did not have this seat when Thom was an infant. we did get it when he was about 4months. here’s what… Little wee babes – when in a car seat- look so very uncomfortable- their little heads just plop where gravity takes them. In the INERTIA INFANT CAR SEAT.. the reclining positions allow for the head to gently rest where it naturally needs to. and it’s supported by this awesome foam support in the headrest.

Baby Trend

While you should certainly pay a visit to the BABY TREND site for all the info about the Inertia Infant Car Seat. I would love to share a few of my reasons for loving this car seat.

  • It’s reclined a bit more than the other car seats and remember …4 positions of reclining and this is so great for wee little infants and their breathing and comfort. It seems to hug the body and position the baby in an organic way.
  • In case of impact while in the car – god forbid- the car seat actually tilts to ‘catch” the impact. It rotates upright. Kinda like those skyscrapers that move when there’s an earthquake…distributes the impact.
  • It is possibly THE easiest car seat to install in a car. and it’s really sturdy. The base of the car seat attaches to the rod in your car… I mean…so safe!
  • No re-threading of the harness as that little bundle of your grows. There is a turn-key click thing that’s awesome! and easy!
  • I love the handle on the car seat… so easy to carry and snug and all around comfy.
  • Baby is nice and snug while in the car seat because of the EPS energy-absorbing foam for state-of-the-art head impact protection.
  • Super comfy – removeable- foot cover for those cold New York winter days. You know you should not put your child in a coat … in the car seat right. So a foot cover/ lower body cover is perfection!
  • The seat belt parts are plastic which was great for the hot summer we had in NY this year.  Our other car seat has metal seat belt parts and gets really hot and I was always afraid it would burn my sweet Thom.

The Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat is for babies – 5~32 lbs / Height: up to 32″ and can be purchased for $179 ish.

So there ya have it. I hope this review helped. You know I research stuff like a crazy person and this car seat wasn’t out when Thom was born… We got this car seat recently and love it!

You should go check this car seat out at your local car seat having store. And do let me know if you get it!

* I was not paid for this review. I was sent a Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat for purposes of this review. all opinions are my own. I take the baby gear recommendations VERY seriously and really do love this car seat. *