One Year Later…and we’ve built our boat.

It’s been a year since we moved to Long Island.

{ Lily has been obsessed with building a boat lately. She’s been researching how to build a boat… a real one. For her and me to ride the waves and go on adventures. We’ve tried to encourage her to build a boat for the fairies in the back yard or maybe for her dolls. to no avail… this child is set on building a boat. 

…until my brother took her to a TJMAXX and there… staring at them was the answer to all her boat building wishes… a boat! A raft actually… the blowup kind. 

This boat building project – which has lasted for weeks by the way – is a metaphor for moving… me thinks. }

The New York Mom

Moving is a tough thing. Matt and I moved from picturesque… Northern Westchester to very busy…very populated… Long Island.

I don’t say this in a negative way. I say this in a ‘matter of fact‘ way.

We moved here last summer actually. Matt’s job being the reason. The move was a welcomed one, we had been in our previous community for 10 years and awesome as it was… it was time to move.

It’s just that..last year at this time… I was super pregnant, cranky, it was hot – NY had some serious heat waves last summer and most houses here are old and gorgeous and come with a history worthy of historic mention this also means no central air. and while this is charming.. our falls and springs are seriously beautiful… this can be a nasty thing for a pregnant cranky woman.

IN AUGUST – our next door neighbor dropped off baskets of fresh produce from his vegetable garden. He did the same this summer. Granted the man does not wear a shirt outdoors until the snow is falling from the heavens and has a pirate mustache that I am most impressed with… but really isn’t this what neighbors are all about!

IN SEPTEMBER- My baby brother got married september and it was beautiful. I absolutely love my Sis in Law and am so thankful she’s part of our super close family. The wedding was beautiful but sadly I did not indulge in any of the wedding shenanigans… my 7 month preggy belly and swollen everything and not being able to breathe and the whole not drinking thing…but it was so beautiful and such a celebration!

IN OCTOBER- Hurricane SANDY, the worst storm to ever hit the NY region,  hit us and we lost power for over a week… Matt was a champion… my champion… he kept us entertained and made us gourmet meals because everything was slowly going to waste in the freezer and he massaged my feet by candle light and really kept us all sane during those insane few weeks here on Long Island. We lit all of our candles and played cards and told jokes and stories and built legos all in the quiet glow of candle light.

I was so close to my due date and prayed that i wouldn’t go into labor. I mean we could not leave the island… all bridges were on lockdown and the traffic was horrific and there was no gas at the gas stations. But we made it through. Thanks to Matt.

IN NOVEMBER- We got home from an amazing Thanksgiving at my brothers house in CT to find out my sweet bean Jonah had eaten my maternity leggings  and his body could not digest it. Big bucks, lots of prayers and emergency surgery later he is fine and the surgeon took a HUGE chunk of stretchy fabric out of his belly. He is fine. But my goodness what a scare AND this all happened on my due date! I can’t even think of the ” what ifs”. but we made it through that.

IN DECEMBER -Thom decided that he was so comfortable in my nesting bellie that he decided to just hang out in there – we are seeing this exact chill personality in him these days- my Dr. said…your fluids are low… we gotta get this babe out. So a week after my due date, we scheduled our induced delivery and out came my little man-man. and we made it through that just fine.

My family came to take of us – my mom and grand-ma, matt’s mom and dad, our siblings, our friends.. from far and near. We were filled with love for a long while. Christmas came and it was a truly blessed one.


IN JANUARY – For the new year.. my ” so cool” brother and sis- in-law spent the evening with us and rung in the new year with us… kid having… not cool people. (because you know when you have kids sometimes people think you have lost your cool… so it’s great to have peeps who want to hang on special occasions) We prayed for blessings and health and friends and family and it was just wonderful!Spending New Years with my brother … for the first time since we went to college… what a blessing.

IN FEBRUARY – Matt and I celebrated our 11 wedding anniversary. Gosh I love that man so.

Lily turned 8!


In the months since – We found a couple babysitters through our church and  the owner of our local coffee shop and they have both been amazing and we trust them entirely with caring for our babies… and Jonah and the guinea pigs.

We still haven’t found our social network in our new town.  I’m on the PTA this year as the Cultural Programs Coordinator – something I know all about and advocate for and am looking forward to this school year.

We’ve enjoyed the beaches of Long Island… Lily and I are both beach babies and the ocean has been incredibly inspiring! We go to the beach in the summer, fall, winter, snow winter and spring!

So much like Lily and her boat building dreams…

One year later…. slowly and steadily we have built our boat.

The New York Mom

We slowly put down the bones and skeleton for this boat of ours.

One question when one builds a boat is – what kind of boat do we build?

Do we build a motor boat… to go fast…or do we build a row-boat… one that will take effort, strength and time to master…a row-boat that will slowly and patiently get you through all the big waves and the hurricanes and keep you afloat.


Our friends, our family, our babysitters, our house sitters, our local coffee shop owner, our library, our church, our neighbors, the pork shop, the fish shop, the beach, the running path that helps me focus, lily’s teachers who inspire her … all have had a part in helping us build our boat this past year.


In case you wanted to know…We built a row boat. Slow and steady and one that allows us to enjoy every moment.


One year later – I’m so thankful for our new life. Our new adventures.