Tween style file – RUUM kids – back to school

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It’s back to school time! In case you haven’t felt the flurry of excitement from eager parents and kids with lists in hand every time you step into a mall or target… I’m here to tell you that your blissful summaahh is over and it’s time to get these kids schooled!


While higher education is the whole goal here… a little fashion helps too.


Lily is 8… she’s going into the 3rd grade… how did that happen… and this little fashion girl of mine has her own idea of what to wear.


From casual, to dressy, to  boho chic… to what’s now in LES fashion… Lily has her own sense of style and I for one… will only encourage this creative identity of hers.20130819-235309.jpg

We were recently invited to a fab shopping spree at RUUM KIDS. We are fans of RUUM. They have clothes for babies all the way up to the tweens. What’s great about RUUM is that their clothes are fashionable with everyday staples as well as on trend dresses, shoes and accessories.20130819-235316.jpg


Dare i say….I feel as if RUUM kids is the affordable version of crewcuts… the JCrew kids line that I obsess over!

We picked up tons of clothes for the fall season… lots of layers… a few church clothes and shoes. 20130819-235331.jpg


Lily loved her clothes and while we didn’t pick a single graphic tee.. i mean we are sorta graphic teed out in this house… she did pick a few pieces with the next best thing… glitter. I mean really… no 8-YO gals closet in complete without a few key glitter pieces… who am I kidding… MY closet isn’t complete without a few key glitter pieces. 20130819-235347.jpg



To take us from late summer- to fall- to winter- to bitter winter- to spring… we picked pieces that can be layered. We are out and about a ton during all seasons and going from indoors to outdoors and lunch rooms and art class and subways and trains… layers are our go-to dressing must-do. 20130819-235412.jpg


As a parent I love the clothes at RUUM… they have just the right bit of everything for the tween set. (Newborn thorough Tween). The prices fit my budget really well and I’m not just saying that. The back part of the store had a whole clearance section that was 60% the sale price… so we picked up shorts and tanks for next summer and some pieces were $5… no joke! RUUM kids is a welcomed kids clothing retailer at the mall.. where most of the kids clothing stores are either overpriced or super cheap and the fabric quality is wonky. 20130819-235434.jpg

A big THANKS to those fine ladies at KIDZVUZ for including us in this campaign. Lily is itching to share her clothes and tips for back to school with her friends. And I’m going to try to get her to share some tips with you… dear reader… as well. ( she’s got some doozies.. and some practical info … like ” don’t show off your belly in school”… words to live by girls.. word. to. live. by.! )

*all clothes featured in this article are RUUM* ( except the shoes)

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