How to Eat an Oyster and other tales from the boathouse

Every summer we go down to the Florida gulf coast– and spend endless days with our most sweetest of families. and every year Matt and I make many many MANY stops at our favorite local spot in Destin, Florida – The Boathouse Oyster Bar.


The Boathouse is one of those places where the locals go. It’s where the oyster shucker guy sneakes in a few extra… like 5 extra oyster in your dozen. The waitress calls you honey… but in the good way and your glass is never empty… like never.


This place has been around for some time and there are no frills about this institution. Just great florida gulf coast seafood. Oysters, cajun shrimp, fish sandwiches, hush puppies… the works.



The drinks are strong and the food just keeps coming.

At $7 for a dozen fresh oysters plucked straight from the Appalachicola Bay… this place is a MUST for any oyster lover. or anyone wanting to get a taste of the local flavor of the Florida Panhandle.


Lily, our little foodie, has caught the oyster bug. I love her adventurous spirit and especially love that she LOOOVES food just as much as Matt and I do. She is always up for trying anything new. “just try it… you might like it” is our mantra.

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We go to the Boathouse a handful of times on every visit. And always only get the $7/dozen raw oysters and hushpuppies. Sometimes we get the cajun steamed shrimp. Food for the soul!


In case you have always wanted to know… How to eat an Oyster. (my version)

* A good oyster shucker will have shucked the oyster clean from the shell so you don’t have to wrestle with it while you slurp*


  1.  You can just slurp it down right from the shell. Juice and all. If it’s fresh.. it’s amazing.
  2. Add a dab of lemon and eat it right from the shell
  3. Add a dab of hot sauce or cocktail sauce or horseradish and eat it right from the shell.
  4. * i like to eat it like this* place the oyster on a saltine cracker and add a dab of cocktail sauce with a little extra horse-radish and eat the whole thing in one bite.
  5. TIP- Do NOT try to eat your raw oyster in bites…that just gets embarrassing… one big chomp is how it’s done.

This year Lily noticed the bras on the ceiling at the boathouse… hmmm…

She did ask to place a $1 bill on the wall. So we had to oblige. because when else does your 8YO ask to staple a signed dollar bill on the wall of a dive oyster bar!


This little MOTO got his first taste of the dirty south on his first trip to florida… no shirt, no shoes… don’t care!


Outside the boathouse… Lily loves seeing the boats go by but mainly feeding the fish.

Just like any waterside fish resto, there is no shortage of hungry fish and Lily loves watching them jump out of the water to catch the grub.



Lily is an old soul sometimes. At the young age of 8 she loves discovering new places and things and best of all… food. She has yet to meet a food she has not tried. Love it!

The water and food and everything is just fine since the oil spill a few years ago… hope you make a trip to the Florida Panhandle this year… the beaches are just gorgeous and the food… well… fresh and tasty!

* I was not paid for this post. Just a narrative on my summer travels*