1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish … More

While we were in Florida last month, Lily and Matt found a tide pool on the beaches. We have been going these very beaches for YEARS and grew up less than 6 miles from this very spot and never never NEVER in our lives had we ever seen anything like this tide pool.20130720-020809.jpg

Thousands of tiny black fish everywhere!!! I mean… i was kinda sorta creeped out by this… very nightmare-ish… but not Lily. This was just the kinda thing she lives for. 20130720-020821.jpg

Thomas didn’t know what to think. One day he’s going to look back at all these pictures we have of him and his early months… and think 1. ” my parents were the coolest” or 2. ” I could have been fish bait!”20130720-020839.jpg

The Sea Gulls were having a FEAST eating these tiny black fish. 20130720-020854.jpg


So surreal right! Lily hasn’t stopped talking about it. It WAS a once in a lifetime kind of thing. In my years of exploring I have come across many a tide pool… none with ONLY one species.. and NONE with this many fish. 20130720-020926.jpg

Some of the fish were stuck in the sand and Lily took it upon herself to pick them up and throw them back in the water.20130720-020939.jpg

The beaches of Okaloosa County and Walton County on the Gulf Coast of Florida are just stunning. The water is crystal clear, the sand is pure white. Nothing compares! 20130720-020959.jpg


ON this particular evening, the water was pretty still and the tide hadn’t come in yet. I took Thom out into the water with me and right as we were having the best time swimming and walking around the sand bar way out in the water…. a family of dolphins came swimming by!

It was PERFECT. I didn’t have my camera with me…but gosh… it’s one of those moments where i just WISH i could capture these dolphins who were swimming within 25 feet of us. Lily was BEYOND excited. 20130720-021102.jpg

Lily is amazing. Instead of running the opposite direction and being afraid of these gorgeous dolphins swimming so very close to us… she embraced it was headed off to swim with them. Same with this tide pool of fish… she could have been easily grossed out or scared..but instead she jumped in and totally threw herself into the experience.

She’s an explorer of the world!

Hope your summaahh is going … swimmingly. We have been loving this season and have had so many adventures already… and still have a whole month to go!