IAMS SO GOOD – Food for your doggie

My Tuesday morning included Puppies and coffee… i mean how perfect!

So you know I talk about my sweet BEAST Jonah all the time. He is my baby. Jonah means the world to me and is absolutely a very VERY important part of our family.

IAMS so good

We feed him IAMS dog food.

About a year ago – a fab gal named BEV, the community manager for IAMS- came across my little blog and some pictures of Jonah. She immediately reached out and said things like’ oh my goodness that dog is gorgeous, he is so beautiful, he’s the king of the world”...  you get the idea.

Bev and I have been pals ever since. When the little MOTO was born… IAMS send me the sweetest care package… with dog food and dog toys… all for JONAH. This is one brand who really loves their four-legged people.


SO when they invited me to their launch event in NYC for IAMS SO GOOD… of course I had to go.

IAMS SO GOOD is a new product by IAMS for dogs of all sizes. PAWL GRIFFIN the official IAMS boss dog was on hand to give out sweet doggie kisses and get our Tuesday morning started!


Celebrity chef Art Smith- of Top Chef Masters fame, Chef to OPRAH and Lady Gaga – who by the way has WAAAAAAY too much in common with me- was also part of the launch. He talked about his doggies and cats and how he feeds them IAMS as well. Chef Art Smith and I chatted about the Florida Panhandle… where he has a home.. and also talked about my grandmothers Biryani… was such a delight to meet.




We feed Jonah IAMS Large Breed dog food and and fed our newfoundland Eukanuba Large Breed… which is also an IAMS product. It’s great to have IAMS SO GOOD – at a lower price point – available for the pups!


I met this sweet doggie… and when I showed Lily this pic she said, ” MOM you should have brought him home” Even though we have this giant beast of a doggie at home… Lily is itching to have a tiny little pup. Probably not going to happen. We are SUCH giant dog people.


Our four-legged family members are the best people aren’t they!

Check out IAMS for more info about their dog food.

* This is a sponsored post by She Speaks and IAMS. I was paid for this article. All opinions are my own and we were feeding our doggies IAMS products long before this partnership!*