Life as seen through my iPhone

Delta Airlines gave Lily, Thom … and Princess Merida… their wings! Isn’t it so very cute that Lily is still into dolls. I love it! oh and notice her St. Bernard t-shirt we bought at Old Navy… thanks Old Navy for making big giant dog shirts! 20130720-022212.jpg

This little man-man does not sleep. Or at least he does not sleep when most babies in the land go nigh nigh. This is him watching True Blood with us and screaming at that blonde lady for being so mean to Jason Stackhouse! Get em Thom! 20130720-022229.jpg

On our flight back from Florida… Chef Roble from the BRAVO reality show of the same name… was a few seats away. At least if we had crashed on a deserted island.. he would cook us some amazing food! 20130720-022241.jpg

We brought some sparklers back to NY. And have been sitting on our front porch and lighting them at night. I love sparklers… reminds me of my childhood growing up in India. 20130720-022310.jpg

We all came down with a SEVERE case of the Summer Cold… and it was brutal. I mean.. sneeze fits so rough that I fell off the couch a few times or would have to brace myself against a wall… even pulled a back muscle while sneezing! Thankfully we are all better and back to the grind.


Week in Pictures. A quick recap.

You know I have this blog as a scrapbook and I smile when I think of these moments and years from now when I’m old and grey sitting on a porch someplace sipping on my mint julep… I’ll look back at all this and think… “your life was pretty schweet little lady”!

Count your blessing everyone. Must take time to count your blessings often.

* little PSA… more for me than you.*