round and round we go…

There is something really magical about carousels. Lily has always had this pure joy about riding on carousels.

Recently we came across the carousel at Bryant park. It’s small and goes pretty slow.. but they play the most delightful old timey french tunes.

Almost makes you want to grab your honey and go carouseling… in the rain… in a ball gown… with diamonds on… yep. 20130724-192016.jpg

These summer days are a bit tough. each day almost looks the one before. I have both kids ( kinda cool to say ‘ both kids” ) all day and sometimes Matt has evening meetings and the baby isn’t really sleeping at night and I have work deadlines that I have been missing… merp merp. 

So much like this carousel… sans the charming french tunes… we are going round and round in circles these days.

How is your summer? How do you find a release from the round-and-round- we-go grind?