Being sick, feeling better and non stop talking

We got back from vacation last friday and were all sick! All last week we had what has been described as the ” summer cold”. Not fun. With sneeze fits that had me falling off couches and freaking out Jonah I was really looking forward to getting over this whole sick business.


Here we go… a week later… feeling much better. We still have sniffles and a few coughs… but much better.

So what to do this week?

Lily has gotten into a phase of talking non-stop for hours! Like HOURS. She has not stopped talking since friday! And she wants you to pay attention to her when she talks because she gives you pop quizzes and will  get really upset if you can’t answer her questions correctly.

This is just exhausting! At home she follows me around telling me all kinds of things and asking lots of hypothetical, ” what If” questions.

” what if they didn’t send a monkey up to space first. Who would they send? a man or woman? but what if the woman had babies? would they come back? what if you go to a restaurant and they did not serve food but it was only a cheese restaurant? ( actually sounds like a dream) What if you sell your shoes for $5 but you paid only $3 for them? “

For any parent who has a child going through this phase… which by the way lasts a few years – remember last summer when she talked the entire 5 hour roadtrip!… here’s to you! Because it’s only a matter of time before these kiddies will do the exact opposite and NOT talk to you at all. I hope that we skip that stage!

Happy Summer all… after taking a blog hiatus for a few weeks – vacation, being sick, enjoying summer… I’m back to our regularly scheduled story telling!