7 months

This little man-man of mine turned 7 months the first week of July.

He is hitting some milestones like a major league baseball .. mile stone hitter ( whatever that made no sense but you get the idea).20130720-022522.jpg

Well first he’s a little eaty monster… everything in sight goes right into his mouth. Toys, food, arms, side of my head… I guess his foodie habits are starting early.

He can pull himself up to standing anyplace… and we lowered his crib because one morning, I innocently put him in his crib after changing his diaper and walked out of the room to wash my face for all of 30 seconds and walked back in to see him STANDING in his crib, holding on to the rail and smiling his “look mom, look mom, look mom” smile.

My heart totally skipped a beat because his little head is actually in the 85% of heads and is quite large and heavy and all it would take is for him to look down from the side of his crib and his big heavy head would take him off the edge!

So lowered was the crib bed! 20130720-022544.jpg

He also gets Lily’s attention by screaming really loudly and we bought a little high chair for him which he seems to love and sits on his high chair and talks and talks and TALKS all the time.

Lily translates… she IS the baby whisperer you know. She tells us all kinds of things that Thom is saying…like, “ewww this quinoa fruit mush is gross mom”.20130720-022610.jpg

I’ve noticed that he’s becoming more of a mama’s boy. No matter what’s going on… he’s got his one little eye on me. This makes it hard for my daily shenanigans… like taking a shower or trying to chill out after a long day. 20130720-022628.jpg

Thom is a happy lad. His laughs are cute and his whole jelly belly shakes… like jelly… when he laughs. He’s also super ticklish… and gives us the best squeals when we tickle his little tummy.

He makes this ‘kissing’ sound with his lips.. it’s the sweetest sound. we think it’s because he has 2 little itty bitty teeth trying to grow.


Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since he made his debut in this great big wide world. Oh Thom… you have so much to discover and I know just the sweetpea who’s going to hold your hand through it all. Your sis is one awesome gal!