Brooklyn Brooklyn Take Me In

In another life I’ll come back and live in Brooklyn.


I practically live in Brooklyn. Ever since moving to NY 10 years ago, I’ve danced, rehearsed, worked, socialized, noshed, shopped and spent endless hours strolling about Brooklyn.

20130618-233321.jpgWilliamsburg is my hood, Bushwick is where I made lots of art, Greenpoint is where we discovered amazing kids music on long summer days, Fort Greene is where we took Lily to dance class, Park Slope is where I rehearsed for years, RedHook is where we IKEA and go to those specialty indie foodie spots, DUMBO I knew you back when, Bay Ridge and South Brooklyn with your gorgeous mansions where I have spent many a day filming a commercial or TV show.


Ah Brooklyn. You and your foodie scene can take me in anytime you want.

Even the hipster boys wearing girls skinny jeans can be overlooked for the pure energy and creative spirit this borough has to offer.



I spend many a weekday in Brooklyn these days. Many lazy strolling days are spent just exploring and eating and shopping our way through this fun borough.


There is always a celebrity spotting of some cast member from HBO’s GIRLS or a Game Of Thrones cast member or maybe a wandering vampire from True Blood… Oh how about that time I saw Sufjan Stephens walking RIGHT next to me and I did everything I could from not jumping on him and saying… Thankyou for your most amazing music Sufjan Stephens and your CHICAGO is one of the most amazing pieces of music evah!!

20130618-232919.jpgThe thrift stores, the indie jewelry shops and my most recent discovery … the coolest… like COOLEST baby stores ever… all live nice and happy in their indie state in Brooklyn.

There is this kids store that sells new and gently used kids gear in Williamsburg. Ugh… I almost don’t want to tell you about it because then you will go and get all the good stuff and none with be left for me. But I like to share ya heard!


So go to the FLYING SQUIRREL in Williamsburg. The best stuff you guys. I go at least once a month and always come away with some sort of kiddie must-have find.

There’s also Sweet William… in the same neighborhood.

20130618-232752.jpgGosh I wish I could bring myself to pay those high prices for baby clothes and toys but my social responsibility scale does not allow me to. The prices are steep but the gear is SUPER cute. One of a kind and very very VERY indie. Stop by for sure!

Have you been to the Bedford Cheese Shop? You SHOULD! A whole store full of picked goodies and cheese and jams and jellies… it’s a hipster General Store of sorts.

Bedford Cheese Shop

Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in…
Are you aware the shape I’m in?
My hands they shake, my head it spins.
Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.
– Avett Brothers.