Stokke Xplory – Stroller Review

Between my many gigs… I’ve been testing out baby gear for a handful of outlets including here on my blog.

Strollers have been one of my favorites to play around with.


A stroller is like a car… the style, design, functionality, safety… all says something about  you.  You want it to perform, be functional…and having the “cool” factor always helps!

We’ve been using the Stokke Xplory as our primary stroller since Thom was born. So let me dish the deets about quiet possibly the coolest stroller on the block these days.

Stokke Explory

Hands down, the Stokke Xplory is one luxurious truly fashionable stroller. The Stokke brand is known for their sleek Scandinavian design. This is minimalist at it’s best. We have been stopped every single time we are out and about with this stroller and it surely elicits it’s fair share of glances and stares and ooh and aahs.


So if you are stroller shopping.. let me share my Stokke Xplory experience with you. Pay attention… this might be helpful.



  • The stroller runs like a dream, very VERY easy to maneuver on the bumpy streets of NYC as well as the burbs. Totally smooth ride.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth – This is SUPER important. This feature accommodates the  smallest little babes and can be adjusted as they grow. Thom was a wee little man of 5 pounds when he was born and this fit him nice and snug and secure. These days  his 19pound 6 Month self is still in here snuggled up! Simply remove the insert when baby gets bigger.
  • The handle bar raises and lowers to accommodate your height… Lily loooves this feature because the stroller pretty much becomes mini for her to push Thom around in. She has full control since everything shrinks down to fit her.
  • The seat also lowers and raises. So your child can be higher up away from the dirt and nasty city puddles yet when you are meeting your gal pals at a cafe you can lower the seat so your child can see you while you nosh.
  • The seat has 5 seating positions: 3 positions facing the parents when baby is young so you can interact with your babe as you stroll & 2 facing forward to explore the wide world!
  • The seat is padded for added comfort. Thom seems to nuzzle right up and sleep when we go out and about.
  • Multifunctional Hood with ventilation. 3 levels of shade.
  • Swivel wheels make it REALLY easy to move around small spaces… like charming cafes in SOHO.
  • The fabric is water repellant.
  • I like the weight of the stroller… feels very sturdy and secure when I take Thom on our subway adventures.
  • ONE HANDED strolling. I can’t tell you how often I stroll about with a cup of coffee or holding Lily’s Hand… and this stroller couldn’t be easier to maneuver. You can even steer it with a finger… it’s that agile.
  • The wheels are not air-filled but soft material and don’t puncture.

Stokke Explory


  • Folding the stroller is not the most convenient since it comes apart in two pieces. BUT.. it’s not difficult at all and we have gone all over New York with this stroller. BUT getting it in and out of a cab can be a bit of a hassle… since it folds in two parts. We have a Volvo… known for trunk space. The Xplory when folded up, takes up almost the entire trunk. So shopping bags and things don’t have much space.
  • No storage space… there is no traditional ” basket” that most strollers have. But I’m not one for over stuffed strollers. I’m a simple lines kinda gal and keep the clutter to a minimum. The Xplory does however come with a zipped up bag that matches the color of your stroller. This bag is compact yet stores a TON of stuff all zipped up and sleek.


Overall, the Stokke Xplory is a good stroller that functions really nicely. My favorite feature is the raising seat,  this way Thom and I get to chit chat on our strolls in the park also when we are out and about on the train or subway, he is close to me and facing me and this makes me feel safer.

DSC_0049Again, If you are looking for a stroller with an over stuffed bottom row basket.. this might not be for you. Or maybe it will just inspire you to declutter. The Stokke Xplory has kept up with my lifestyle and certainly fits my design esthetic.


Make sure you visit STOKKE to find out more about this stroller and their other products!

* I was sent a Stokke Xplory for purposes of this review*