First Food – The Mighty Banana

Guess who’s eating solid foods y’all!

This is so cute. I cannot even begin to express how absolutely amazing it is to experience your babe tasting bananas and avocado and sweet potato.


After much research and speaking to my doctor, We went with the mighty BANANA as the first food. So exciting! 20130612-092705.jpg

Lily did the honors and fed Thomas his first meal. We cut the banana in half and mashed it up with a fork right in the bowl and used a small silicon baby spoon to feed him little bits at a time.

This little man-man has an appetite! Let me tell you. He ate that half a banana in the blink of an eye! 20130612-092722.jpg

Some schools of thought say to start the kid out with veggies and bland foods just so you don’t train their taste buds to get used to sweeter foods like fruit. But we were just so excited and really wanted to feed him.20130612-092741.jpg

Since the first feed earlier this week we have created more of a schedule.

We’ve been doing oatmeal mixed with banana in the AM and Avocado in the afternoon. He loves it! 20130612-092813.jpgLittle Thom is growing up so fast and my Lilypie is really starting to own her ‘big sis’ role.

Thom, when you look back on these images one day… remember one thing. Your sis guards you like a HAWK… a HAWK. she has one eye on you at ALL times and loves to the moon! You lucky little man !