Post Pregnancy Fashion

It’s been 6 months since the little babe came out of the bellie.

and nothing fits me.

My top half is about 10 times larger than anything else. So dresses are a joke and tops fit really strange. If I wear something fitted I look like a lollipop… big and round up top and skinny legs 😦

To avoid roaming the land in my maternity clothes and feeling dumpy and frumpy I went out shopping. Because someone once said.. shopping fixes all that ails you. Not sure about this. Maybe a large glass of pinot or some gelato or maybe a stationary store… yep a stationary store with all that glorious paper and calendars and stamp kits. i could go on… but I digress.

So , i went shopping. I bought a few pieces that mix and match and are on trend and fit me! woop! I want to share this with you in case you are in my spot… staring at a darling baby child but not feeling yourself for many reasons… and then when you have to go mingle with the humans… nothing fits!

I say keep it simple and go for a few basics and a dress… always the dress. It’s a one stop outfit!

This is what I bought!

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