Unexpected treasures

Lily has such a spirit for adventure… constant adventure.

Over the weekend we came across a vintage store that had their wares for sale on the sidewalk. Lily immediately went to the old typewriter- I have this obsession with typewriters and ink and fonts and letterpress and paper btw.


Lily went right to the typewriter and started typing. She stayed there for a while typing away and when it was time to leave…


she said: you know I could write a book with that.
i said: yep you could. what kind of book would you write.
she said: an adventure book. you would be in it.

Those words were the best thing ever! To be included in her adventures is the biggest million dollar prize evah!

vintage typewriter.jpg

She also found an old shoe box full of tiny black and white photographs… and took  her time picking through the pictures and really looking at the faces of these people from long ago.


We both decided that if we keep up with our chores for the next few weeks we might just treat ourselves to a few vintage finds.