Film Review – After Earth

My friend Kristen McEntyre Ryan attended the premiere of Will Smith’s new summer flick – After Earth and provided this review for you …my readers.

I frequently tell my kids, when my husband does something particularly charming and fatherly, “I picked that daddy for you.” Do you suppose that the gorgeous and talented Jada Pinkett Smith says the same thing as she gazes on her ever-adorable husband and precious kiddos?


We had the opportunity to be in the same room with Will and Jaden Smith, thanks to The Moms’ Mamarazzi event for the Smiths’ new movie, After Earth. We’ve probably all said, “They can’t be that cute in real life.” Sorry, mamas. They are every bit as funny, genuine and, well, family-ish as you imagined.

After Earth is the story of a father and son who end up on earth 1,000 years after humanity fled the planet. The uptight father, played by Will Smith, must loosen his grip and rely on his son to save the day, and the son will do anything to make his dad proud.

Jaden Smith said his father’s best advice is to take big projects one brick at a time. “All you have to do today is lay one perfect brick,” Will Smith said. “Then, when you look back, you’ll have the Great Wall of China.”

This is a terrific movie for Dad and the kids to see together, provided they’re brave enough for PG13-style scary aliens and loud noises. We didn’t try to test our 7-year old’s mettle, and it was the right decision. No mom wants to be up all night with a freaked-out kid after deliberately scaring them half to death. 

See After Earth with the big kids and Dad — or, better yet — give movie tickets for Father’s Day and enjoy that quiet house for a couple of hours. You can catch the movie when it comes out on DVD. We think they’ll want to see it again.