Friday Recap – 5 Things

1. It’s time to PRANCERCISE!!! This video has been making the rounds on the internets over here. It reminds of one of my favorite dance professors in college…she made us pranced across the floor in Modern Dance Class all the time. Ah good times! Watch this video you guys… it’s awesome. My professional tip for you – I don’t like using ankle weights when you walk or run… it screws with your alignment and it’s no bueno for the all around structure of your body. Use ankle weights to do some leg lifts to strengthen that REALLY important muscle right above your knee. Ok Enough Talking and let’s start walking!”

2. *LISTEN UP* It’s the last few weeks of crawfish season so get em while they are plump. We headed over to one of our favorite cajun restaurants today to get 3 LBS of cajun crawfish… Matt made some corn and biscuits and organic Trader Joe’s lemonade…and that was that! It was our family HELLO to summer!  happy summer all! * my tip* eat crawfish, crabs, peel shrimp..etc on newspaper. clean up is a breeze. 


3. I’ve been seeing some seriously stunning pics in my social outlets… all coming from the MOMA Rain Room. So get thee to the MOMA stat! I have to say I love this ‘trend’ of interactive audience participation art installations that are going around in NYC these days. It’s nothing new. Downtown artists have been doing this for YEARS… but since these massive installations are being housed in major art institutions like the MOMA and the Armory…and the value of blasting a ‘really cool’ pic on your social media outlets builds your klout… everyday peeps who would otherwise NEVER EVER go see an art installation are now lining up around the block. It’s great… but I would love to chat with anyone who wants to engage in a discussion about the attraction for  mass appeal of art installations and if this affects the artists creative process before and after and what and the pros and cons of it. My opinion! ( got a little art heavy there for a hot second… i could go on for days!)

4. Farmers Markets are in FULL swing! So go support your local farmer and eat fresh farm produce. The spring- early summer season is one of my favorite food seasons… so go get inspired at the farmers market.

5. It’s been a rough few weeks for me. Being home all the time, no one to talk to, baby not sleeping, I’m not sleeping, bad hair days because of rain, rain for days… have all contributed to my diminishing chirpy mood lately. So my advice to you this week… go check in on a friend who has had a baby recently. They are MUCH lonelier than you would ever imagine. I am so thankful to have friends who call to check in on me. and If you want to see said people.. how about showing up at their home for some social time instead of asking them to pack a stroller, the baby, the other kid, the diapers, the kitchen sink to meet you and your no kid having self at a convenient location for you.  Just my PSA to support the ladies with babies out there!