Over the long weekend

Oh you guys… the long glorious weekend is over.

20130528-012145.jpgWe had such a relaxing few days. Even though it rained for most of the weekend… that did not damper our spirits. 20130528-011826.jpg

On saturday we met up with my siblings for a decadent dinner in Tribeca. Lots of wine and martinis and super yummy decadent food later… we headed to my sis’ apartment and ate macaroons and played video games.. yes video games… like we were 13… because we love our video games and anything where a car goes fast in a circle always seems to make its way into our hangouts. 20130528-011834.jpg

Lily spent the night at my brother’s house. This is SUCH a highlight for her and to me… it’s such a blessing that we all live so close by when lily is at this age of truly enjoying time spent with her aunts and uncles. In the past we have had a couple rocky over nighters.. there was the time she cried all night, then the time my brother and sis in law had to put her in a car at 3am and drive around to get her to fall asleep, there was that other time when Lily wasn’t sleeping and my brother turned on a discovery channel show called – CATS” it started out with cute cuddly cats and he fell asleep while she watched a lion attack another animal… etc. But this time.. lily was a few months older and fell asleep snuggled up just fine. Didn’t even call us to say good night *salty tear*


The lilacs are in full bloom.

20130528-012004.jpgAnd when you open the windows the sweet fragrance just floods your senses and all the corners of the house!


A cookout with our family was the perfect thing for a lazy Sunday. 20130528-011937.jpg

Monday morning we woke up and headed over to our town Memorial Day Parade.


I love a parade… especially a small town one.

20130528-011956.jpgI know people put lots of ‘oohs and aahs’ toward the big NYC parades… but really there is nothing like a small town parade with people you know marching in it.


And i am SUCH a sucka for marching bands… like back in the day.


You know Matt and I met in High School Marching band right. yep we did. I was in the colorguard and he played trumpet. What a sweet young romance we had! and still do!


I loved Marching Band… have the best memories of my high school days! I was in the colorguard… and winterguard.. and we were good.. like – medaled at WGI-good.  I spun flags, rifles and my forte… sabre. Go SABRES!!

We walked back home from the parade and I made Lily’s favorite brunch.

20130528-012208.jpg Pancakes and eggs and bacon.. she can eat some bacon now! and Jonah loves bacon too… I always make a little extra for him. {don’t tell matt}.20130528-011922.jpg

Summer is in FULL swing here in New York… remember that Paul Simon song – Kodachrome..give the greens of summer… makes you think all the worlds a sunny day..oh yea. 20130528-011947.jpg

You HAVE to go to the beach on memorial day… i mean it’s the beginning of summer you know… unofficially. 20130528-012030.jpg

Lily is a beach baby just like me. She just comes to life when she’s at the beach and ran circles around us for a good 20 minutes. 20130528-012038.jpg

It was FREEEEZING at the beach yesterday. Freezing like the inside of my ear was hurting from the cold. But we stuck it out for a little bit. 20130528-012047.jpg

Lily , of course, wanted to jump into the water and head out for a swim… I was the mamabear voice of reason. She only has 5 more weeks of school and I just don’t want her getting sick so late in the year 20130528-012056.jpg

The beaches out here in New York are gorgeous… the waves alone are impressive.  We saw a few fishermen fishing off the beach… last time they caught a baby shark and Lily was soo impressed. I haven’t told her that sharks sometimes are in 3Feet of beach water. Yikes! we’ll just keep that to ourselves umkay. 20130528-012108.jpg

If only all our days were this carefree right. Water for days and nothing but sand in your toes and salty beach air running though your hair. 20130528-012116.jpg


Ah summer… you are finally here! It’s time for watermelon and mint julips and lazy summer nights! Woop!20130528-012134.jpgHappy Summer everyone. Hope you find a few moments where the scent of lilacs fills your senses and you catch a few sunsets and love on a sweet someone!